5 Easy Ways To Get Free Drink And Food

At times finances can be a big struggle. There never seems to be enough money in your bank account and the price of things always appears to be increasing, especially food.

However, we have some great news for you!

Were you aware that there are a number of different ways to get top quality drink and food for free? That’s right, even these days there are ways to fill yourself up at zero cost.

The following are 5 easy ways to get some delicious food and some drink to wash it all down with. We are focusing on easy – since the following tips require only minimum amounts of effort, for a maximum amount of satisfaction!

The very first tip we have for you is something you can easily swipe!


There is a wide selection of meals waiting for you right on your smart phone, ranging from healthy ingredients to fast food. Apps are one of the best places to find freebies, directly in the palm of your hand.

So here is the deal. You can use fast food apps to get money off on various meals. Currently Pizza Express is offering a Classic of Leggera pizza for free when you sign up.

Olio is a great app to help you avoid saturated fat. It advertises free drink and food in your area. All you need to do is share your food or click and collect.

Get started today. Apps are your personal gateway to achieving a full stomach, and for no cost. Dig and and start swiping your touchscreen.

Could you use a pick me up right about now?


Free Coffee and Tea

A huge national obsession these days is retail therapy. No matter how much money you have to spend, there are always shops for you to pop into and begin checking out desirable products.

Are you thirsty? When you visit your local area Ikea and get signed up for their loyalty card, you will be offered a free hot drink. It’s a great incentive to keep you looking.

They scratched your back, so of course you will need to scratch theirs in return. You will need to make a purchase, so don’t sign up unless you are planning on purchasing something.

Get a free feed by pressing the fleshing.


Meet and Greets

Attending University is among the most social times you will ever have in your entire life – It is a time when you are getting your footing, along with thousands of other young adults.

It gets even better. In order to encourage this, all types of meets and greets are organised by unis to get their students to mingle. It is a great way to make good contacts and friends.

It also helps that there is a steady supply of free drink and food at these events. Nothing helps to keep people inside of a room like mountains of free mini quiches and sausage rolls.

Let them known when your special day is.


Freebies for Your Birthday

You might be turning a year older, however retailers are tripping over each other to off free goodies to you on your birthday.

So what is the bottom line when it comes to birthday freebies? There is some give and take that is involved. For instance, you will be given a free doughnut from Greggs if you download their app.

Healthier options are available, but this overall is an excellent ways of scoring treats instead of 3-course meals. After all, if you aren’t allowed to eat any junk food on your birthday, then when is it okay?

Score at home by telling it like it is.


Online surveys

I’m sure you are familiar with online surveys. Did you know they were a very effective way at getting free things in exchange for just a bit of brain power. Sooner or later you will need to use some of it!

Here is how this works. Sign up at sites such as Swagbucks and complete tasks. Top data collectors tally up the results for market research purposes.

The surveys are also paid. The amount will vary, so you aren’t going to be earning a living wage. However, it is quite flexible.

The best part of all is that these online survey sites provide some fairly good freebies as well, and it can range from being entered into prize drawings to gift cards.

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