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Freebiesfirst.com is one of the sites operated in the USA where you will find free stuff ideas. They provide an array of consumers products to anyone looking for new products to try before they make up their mind on whether to buy the products or not.

The right to amend the services provided is still reserved and is dependent on the decision taken by the site. Freebiesfirst.com is not liable in a case where the free site is not available to clients for any period of time.

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The terms and conditions governing the use of Freebiesfirst.com are available for you to read. It is important that you read them carefully because they affect your liabilities and the rights you possess under the law. By not reading them it is assumed that you had read them and hence subject to them. Once you access the site, all the terms and the conditions stated below will be applicable to you.

Website User Terms

1 The site is provided free of charge if you want to put it to personal use as long as you abide by the respective terms and conditions.
2. We do everything within our capability to ensure that the materials we avail to you are accurate and are available at all the time. We ensure that we give you fully updated materials that are free of mistakes. This implies that we shall not accept liability, loss or any damages that may arise from your inability to access the website.

All our offers are carefully picked and we ensure that they are correct at the time of publication. All our images are for representational purpose implying that it is possible to get freebie that differ from what you see in the images. Thus, you append your signature agreeing that the material contained in the site is at your own risk and that we cannot be held liable for the mistakes from our editorial team
That we have no control over the website and the merchants liked to our website thus, we will not accept any responsibility for any loss that may arise if you access or rely on the information on the site in as far as the USA law is concerned. Thus we exclude liability for the damage, loss that may arise whether it is direct or indirect.

You agree that the contract for the service/product between you and any other third party concerning the use of vouchers is solely between you and the user and we cannot be held responsible for the transactions, delays or otherwise that takes place between the two of you.

6 We reserve all the right to adjust and make changes on the website without prior notice to the user and that we shall adjust any of the terms and conditions mentioned herein without notifying you.
We reserve the right to act in a reasonable time frame to enforce all the terms and the conditions stated herein.


1. That you are the legal user of the website and we are not responsible for any use that is against the law. If this was to happen, we reserve the right to terminate your usage or prohibit to the use of the site for activities that are considered illegal.

2. Users may not use the site or any of its parts for commercial ventures and he may not give unenforceable benefits to any of the third party other than those permitted by us.

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Intellectual Property Rights

We are solely responsible for licensing intellectual property rights on our website including the materials published thereon. Any work on the site is protected by copyright laws and treaties around the world. All the rights are reserved.

You are free to print one copy or download the extract of the page(s) from the site for personal reference. You are also to draw the attention of other members in your organisation for any materials posted on our site.

You can modify the digital copies, the paper, or any material you have printed or downloaded. However, you must not use any illustrations videos, photos, audio sequences or any graphic accompanying the text without informing us.


We are affiliated to some companies on our website meaning that we receive payment when you make a click and sign up.

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We shall keep any information you entrust in us confidential and secure the customers information and We confirm that we are not in any business of selling or renting any information provided by you to third parties and we are committed to this.
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