Top Tips For New Freebie Lovers

1. Does It Sound Too Good To Be True?

This is one of the main tips you want to follow when you are looking to score some hot freebies. It’s very easy to have your judgment clouded when you are looking at something that is an incredible deal. When you are getting something without having to pay for it, your perception and judgment can get easily skewed. This can result in not using common sense in these situations. What you are giving up may be far more valuable than what you are getting. However, you don’t weigh that into the equation when you aren’t having to pay for something. With companies looking to sell data to the highest bidder across the board, you need to be certain you are getting what you want. For one, you want to ensure that the freebie is real and genuine. You also want to do a thorough examination of the terms and conditions to be certain you know what you’re getting into.


2. Don’t Have Too High Expectations

The truth is, any freebies given at full size aren’t going to be very common. A lot of the freebies you will get will be in a sample size. Brands are only giving out freebies to get you hooked. They want you to enjoy your experience to make a purchasing decision in the future. This helps them acquire more customers and it keeps them from getting negative feedback because you will be buying the product knowing what you are getting already. You shouldn’t necessarily expect to get a freebie for everything you apply for. You will typically only receive around 70% of the freebies you fill out an application for. If you find that you aren’t getting too many, don’t get discouraged. Simply keep applying for them and soon you’ll be flooded with them. To ensure you are using your time wisely, you want to check the terms and conditions for all of the freebies to ensure they are giving a sufficient quantity of them to give you a good chance of scoring one.


3. If You Don’t Ask, You Won’t Get

You may want to go ahead and write some letters to companies or send out emails asking whether or not they are willing to give out samples. A lot of people get large boxes full of products or coupons doing this. If you don’t like something about the product, don’t be afraid to voice it. A lot of companies will willingly give out replacements or different products to please their vocal customers.


4. Don’t Feel Guilty About It

Many people have this guilty feeling whenever they score something for free. While it’s natural to think you stole something if you didn’t pay for it, they are corporations and for-profit companies. They aren’t handing out freebies for no reason. Likewise, they aren’t going out of business because they are doing it. Sending out freebies to acquire more reviews and more market share ends up helping their bottom line in the long run.


5. Get a New Email

If you are going to be signing up to get samples and freebies, you don’t want to use your primary email address. This is one of the easiest ways to set yourself up for buckets of spam. Instead, you need to set up a completely separate email address that will only be used for freebies. You should also set up a new social media account and even potentially a telephone number to avoid getting spam calls to your main number.


6. Get Ahead Of The Competition

You should be able to put yourself in a position where you can sign-up for and score freebies before anyone else. To do so, simply sign up for our newsletter. We send out the daily top freebies to get straight to your email at 11 am when we post them on social media. If you’re ready to get started earning freebies, you can visit our homepage to find today’s top freebies to get.

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